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Physical exercise makes life more exciting, and a healthy life is your expectation and our pursuit. The standardized and modernized indoor hot-spring swimming pool of Henan Province Yellow River Yingbin Hotel, with water quality second to none in Zhengzhou, together with indoor tennis court, gymnasium, table tennis room, various chess and card rooms, and other fitness and entertainment facilities, can meet your all-round needs and let you get full relaxation and leisure.


Hot Spring Swimming Pool

Standardized and modern indoor hot spring swimming pool with a construction area of 3563.99 ㎡

Yiran Pavilion Tea Room

Yiran Pavilion Tea Room has 5 exquisite rooms, a variety of teas and professional tea masters, providing high-end tea tasting environment and services.

Chess Room

Chess Room: Comfortable and spacious, free tea is provided. (Entertainment only, gambling is prohibited)

Badminton Court


Table Tennis Court

Table tennis room: standard table tennis table for playing national games.

Indoor Tennis Court

The hotel has one indoor and one outdoor tennis court. The indoor tennis court is built in accordance with international standards with 360-degree shadowless lights to eliminate blind spots. The soft natural light provides full vision day and night, and you can play sports and exercise regardless of weather.

Outdoor Tennis Court

The outdoor professional tennis court has a wide view and beautiful environment.


Spacious fitness venues, imported fitness equipment, let you sweat!
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 Henan Yellow River State Guesthouse


 Henan Yellow River State Guesthouse

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